Hi, my name is Alana and together with my partner (who is also my photographer) we have created vegetablemaster. 

This website is a tool for people who are looking to incorporate more plant based food into their diet, are seeking out relevant information related to health, fitness and overall wellness and are looking for a change. The soul of this website is to help people who want to help themselves. I want to show how to include more plant based meals into your diet without encouraging restriction or fast dieting. 

Living sustainably to me means finding something (whether that be exercise or food) that works for you that you enjoy without depriving yourself – something that you can sustain for the rest of your life. 

Living a long and healthy life is definitely something I want for myself, the ones I love and the people whom I can touch with this platform. Diet culture is something that has completely f***** us all over and is something we need to relearn. Especially with so many unqualified people out there on social media giving out and preaching special diets and nutrition information. I am not here to sway you in a certain way or give you ‘facts’, my aim is simply to share information that I have learnt from sources that I deem reliable so you can make an educated decision that is best for your health. 

When I first was diagnosed with Celiac Disease I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea what I could eat or couldn’t eat and I was SO upset because I loved bread and pasta and pastry – basically everything and anything gluten. I didn’t know it back then but it was a blessing in disguise as it was the very start of my health journey. Prior to that I was mainly vegetarian, sick all of the time and I only exercised for aesthetic reasons. So, I sat my butt down and researched my life away about celiac disease and how to manage the symptoms I was getting from eating gluten. I began cooking for myself and my family (which is something I have always loved to do but it had changed from cooking solely for tastebud purpose to nourishing my body with food that also tastes great). I started exercising to move my body and to feel strong and confident. My symptoms slowly disappeared and I was finally feeling like myself again. I just made that sound so easy and linear but it wasn’t. It took time and effort but it was 100% worth it. I developed a love for nourishing my body through food and exercise. I started cooking more with my partner,  for our family and friends and I just loved being able to share, nourish and love in the form of food. I loved it so much that I decided to start a website to keep track of all my favourite recipes that I had created (like an online recipe book) and then an Instagram page to share it with everyone so people who were struggling with being on a gluten free diet could have easy access to delicious recipes that also just happened to be plant based. 

I have learnt so much over the past few years and developed my thinking and feelings towards food, fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. The blog is what sparked something inside me to become that person who wanted to learn as much as I can about looking after my body. I have learnt self love through taking care of my body and therefore my mind. I am now a qualified fitness trainer and nutrition coach and that in itself has led me to want to learn more and more about the wellness field. My drive is now to help other people feel their absolute best and the way I aim to do that is to keep progressing and constantly learning. I am now doing a bachelor of nutrition and a cert 4 in fitness. I will therefore be able to provide more value to your learning experience than I have before and nothing else makes me happier. What started out as a recipe blog now has the potential to grow in so many directions I couldn’t even imagine a year ago and I am so excited to make this website into a wellness platform I have envisioned.  

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